Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

Known internationally as The American Mermaid – grew up with a dad who took her to the beach instead of the mall. Her profound, lifelong connection with the ocean inspired both her intriguing cosmetics line – Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, to meet her high standard for waterproof, vegan, cruelty free and ocean friendly products, and a water–centric nonprofit, SupportingWater.org. Believing clean drinking water is a basic human right, Emily leverages the newest developments in technology to provide fresh drinking water to those in need through sponsorship and joint-commissions to communities throughout the world.

She knew that change had to be made to keep human grooming products from seeping into the marine ecosystem, and that this change was critical to the survival of her beloved Ocean. While traveling the world performing mermaid shows and promoting Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, she spreads the word on ocean conservation. Further, her company donates a portion of the proceeds from each cosmetic purchase to fund SupportingWater.org clean water world wide initiatives.

SupportingWater.org spreads Emily’s passion for this pristinely simple and life-giving molecule: WATER.

Emily enjoys reminding those she meets that Mermaids have for centuries been a symbol of humans connection to the Ocean. Then, as fate would have it, she heard of this phenomenal mission: The 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project & Gallery of 1000 Mermaids – a monumental public Eco-Art project in the form of an artificial reef installation being created by body casting real people in the form of mermaids on ocean friendly artistically crafted reef modules that will allow their likeness & legacy to live forever on the sea floor.

Powered by the Ocean Rescue Alliance (ORA), the mission of the 1000 Mermaids Reef Project is to enhance marine habitats and expand fishery populations while providing enhanced creative, economic and educational opportunities for the bene t, education and enjoyment of residents, students and visitors alike.

As The American Mermaid, Emily is so proud to be a recent supporter, and is the first Professional Real Mermaid to become a sculpture in the artificial reef endeavor. This International Mermaid Day (March 29th), Emily is excited to share with you, the fun and enjoyment she had while her sculpture was created in her likeness. And, voila! Mermaid “Fairy Tales” (or is that Fishy Tails) really do come true!

Enjoy the video of Emily’s Mermaid Sculpture as it is set for display off the coast of South Florida during the 2nd Annual Ocean Rescue Alliance Sculpture placement. Along with ocean friendly artistically crafted reef modules, her Mermaid sculpture was placed in a beautiful pristine setting, where it will get to stay with all her shy friends and other sea buddies helping to keep the reefs safer.

Please visit The 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project & Gallery to see this tremendous project and the positive impacts it has already made! We hope you will support it too. Every year tourists come to the beaches in South Florida & beyond to enjoy the natural resources. Large volumes of visitor traffic can have negative impacts on the health of natural reefs. ORA’s1000 Mermaids Project focus is to bring awareness to the growing problems affecting our natural reefs. The first step for helping our environment is by educating ourselves on issues we may not be aware of on the surface, but are happening underneath the water, and we are committed to doing this through our education& citizen science programs. 1000 Mermaids Project creates artificial reefs that can help offset the human-impact, thus giving the natural reefs time to recover, as well as provide habitats for fish, lobsters, and other marine life.