Globally Known Professional Mermaid, Internationally Published Model, Makeup Mogul And Clean Water Muse

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

Known as The American Mermaid ®

Known as The American Mermaid®, formally coined The Florida Mermaid®Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has made a splash a as a go-to model for all things under water.Popular at parties themed towards our favorite mythological water creature, Emily has made a name a for herself at the biggest celebrations.

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Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

aka The Florida Mermaid®

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo is a sought after professional mermaid-performing in full, stunning costume to enthralled audiences everywhere.
She harnesses the power of the ocean in her performances, making her love and understanding of the aquatic world unmistakable.

“I always felt as if I was born a mermaid. I would have mermaid things around my room, and my father would take us to the beach every weekend.When I got older, I started to appreciate how sensual and sexy they are as well… So I love to portray my image as a “Sexy Siren” She said.”


Guinness Book of World Records

In 2020, I, along with other ocean savers, participated in the most divers underwater cleanup. I was at the event!

1000 Mermaids

First mermaid to partner with 1000 mermaids to make my own statute to help regrow the coral reefs.

Official Mermaid of The United States of America


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