Globally Known Professional Mermaid, Internationally Published Model, Makeup Mogul And Clean Water Muse

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

Known as The American Mermaid®, formally coined “The Florida Mermaid®” Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has made a splash as a go-to model for all things under water. Popular at parties themed towards our favorite mythological water creature, Emily has made a name for herself at the biggest celebrations.

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I decided to become a professional Mermaid back in 2012… I feel I have always been a mermaid at heart especially growing up as a young girl going to the beach every weekend with my dad along with my sister and all my friends on the cul-de-sac. When I decided to take on the idea of becoming a professional mermaid, my life took on new meaning …

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While traveling the world performing Mermaid shows and promoting Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, Emily spreads the word on ocean conservation.


Emily has been in front of the camera her whole life, her father had his video camera out all the time throughout Emily’s childhood – making her a natural in front of the camera!

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She was absolutely beautiful ! Bobby and all the children loved Emily ~ A+ Rating !!
Sally Johnson
O Mer gosh ! She was mesmerizing ! Sarah loved her so much as well as the adults
Abigail Smith
The Florida Mermaid is top shelf ! She came prepared with a pirate to handle her as well ! Along with special mermaid gems for all the children
Jackson Williams
Emily was absolutely the best entertainer ever ! She catered to everyone ay my 4 year old birthday party
Jennifer Carnage
Emily The Mermaid was over the top the best mermaid ever ! Only hire her ! A+
Katie Mahogany
The gems Emily gave to my daughters were great!
Sally Wake
The most magical mermaid ever!
Abbey Marcus
Emily The Mermaid was over the top the best mermaid ever ! Only hire her ! A+
Sarah Cheney